Please Donate Your Zakat to Rights and Sight for Children (RSC) to Help Underprivileged Children

Please Donate Your Zakat to Rights and Sight for Children (RSC) to Help Underprivileged ChildrenDCI Kids in MohammedPur Dhaka

Dear Friends:

Assalamu Alaikum. The precious days of Ramadan are upon us, and with them the blessings of giving Zakat and Sadaqa. We are now in the holy month of Ramadan, the month of self-sacrifice and fasting.  As you consider where to donate your Zakat and Fitra this year, we humbly ask that you consider contributing your charity to RSC Zakat Fund. Your generous donation will ensure that we can continue our important work on behalf of underprivileged and orphaned children in Bangladesh. Please see the attached Zakat Flyer for more details.

Rights and Sight for Children (RSC) is a non-profit Bangladeshi child rights organization established in 1996. RSC’s mission is to protect the rights of children, stop child labor, and help families lift themselves out of the poverty cycle through education, healthcare, family support, and income generating opportunities. To learn more about RSC, please visit

We proudly report that with your assistance RSC has been able to help over 5,000 village children. We have also been able to provide 10,000 Dhaka City slum residents with preventive healthcare support. This is just a small sample of what we have achieved so far through the generosity and commitment of people like you. To see more achievements, please visit our website at, or visit our projects in Bangladesh to see for yourself!

Please continue your support and consider donating your Zakat to relieve suffering in the following ways:

SPONSOR A CHILD (Sun-Child Sponsorship Program): For only $15/month ($180/yr) you can sponsor a child in rural school. Keep a child in school, prevent child labor, provide health care, vision care, improve schools, create income opportunities for the child’s family and support community development.

(Orphan Support Program): For only $50/month ($600/yr) you can provide housing, food, basic necessities, healthcare, vision care, education support, and skill training to Bangladeshi orphans at our Sun Child Home. Help provide the orphans with tutors, counselors, life skills training, and job training to help them transition from the orphanage to the outside world once they have reached their teens.

: $50 can provide an eye surgery for an individual to prevent blindness.

Make a donation in any amount, for your specific interest or to our general emergency fund.
This Ramadan your Zakat can make a difference to a child, a family, or a whole community. You can also give Sadaqa for programs such as Eid Gifts for Children and Fitra.

May Allah bless you all for your contribution to this noble cause.

With kindest regards,

Salma Qadir
Chief Coordinator
Rights and Sight for Children (RSC)
Mob# 01727264688, Tel#02-9135122

How to send your Zakat and donation to RSC:

House # 167, Rd # 3, Mohammadia Housing Ltd.,
Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Please send Checks or Money Orders payable to Rights & Sight for Children (RSC), Current Account No-001055919, Janata Bank Limited, Mohammadpur Corporate Branch, Mohhampur, Dhaka-1207.

You may also donate through cash through visiting our office at House # 167, Rd # 3, Mohammadia Housing Ltd., Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Tel# 88-01727264688, 8802-9135122

Salma Qadir, B.A. (Hons),  M.A.
Coordinator, Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI)-Bangladesh
House#167, Road#3, Mohammadi Housing Ltd., Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh
Tel# 88-01727264688, 88-01552460242, 8802-9135122


– Jahan Hassan
Ekush News Media,
Little Bangladesh, Los Angeles, USA
( জাহান হাসান, একুশ নিউজ মিডিয়া, লস এঞ্জেলেস )
+1 818 266 7539

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তথ্য কণিকা Jahan Hassan জাহান হাসান
Ekush, Publisher/Editor/ Hollywood media hyphenate/ একুশ নিউজ মিডিয়া, লিটল বাংলাদেশ, লস এঞ্জেলেস / 1 818 266 7539 / FB: JahanHassan

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