A new definition of Yoga

A new definition of Yoga

The inaugural National Yoga Championship was held at the National Sports Council gymnasium on Sunday, SUN photo.

 Bangladesh Yoga Association looks forward to breaking the boundaries with the introduction of Yoga as a sports discipline contrary to the popular idea that it is only a meditation process.

With the hosting of the inaugural National Yoga Championship at the National Sports Council gymnasium on Sunday, Yoga took the first step towards stepping out of the popular idea.

Positional Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Yoga Sports are the popular facets of Yoga across the world and Yoga Sports was the event of the daylong meet.

Positional Yoga, Artistic Yoga and Rhythmic Yoga, the three events were participated by around 40 people of 10 teams and the appeal and beauty of the event were very much visible.

Md Harun, founder president of Bangladesh Yoga Association, pointed out the characteristics unknown to the people.

“Yoga Sports is loved across the world and we are trying to present it to the people of Bangladesh. It’s not only a meditation process, it also has the World and Asian level meets,” said Harun.

Md Anisur Rahman, the general secretary of the federation and a World Yoga Association-recognised teacher, felt the necessity of expanding Yoga as a sport.

“We started the federation activities back in 1998 but could not hold a national level meet due to many obstacles. But now we look forward to expanding Yoga as a sport. We seek support from all the quarters,” said Anis.

The meet was inaugurated by Shafiq Anwar, secretary to the National Sports Council, while Saidur Rahman, organising secretary of the association, was also present on the occasion.


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