Tech News|Please Donate Your ZAKAT to Distressed Children & Infants Intl. (DCI) to Help Underprivileged Children

Bangladeshi reacted on Live Tv about Steve Jobs’s resignation from Apple

Steve Jobs has resigned as chief executive of Apple; Tim Cook, Apple’s chief operating officer, was promoted to CEO. Jobs will stay on as chairman.

Jobs’ health has been in the news since 2003, when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He began a leave of absence in January because of a medical condition.


Tech News:

Dr. Emdad Khan of Silicon Valley has recently written a book titled “Internet for Everyone”.

The title is indeed very timing, and it encompasses not only the Internet technology, but it also implies potential scope for significant economic and social impact on a global scale. We congratulate Emdad for this very thoughtful piece of decent work.

Contact: Emdad Khan
408-532-9630 (p)

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About the Book

The “Internet for Everyone: Reshaping the Global Economy by Bridging the Digital Divide” presents a practical,very affordable, easy to learn and use method to enjoy the benefits of the Internet using any phone and user’s voice.
It discusses the existing approaches of bridging the Digital Divide and shows why existing approaches alone will not be able to really bridge the Digital Divide.
The book introduces the concept of the Language Divide, and emphasizes that it is equally important to bridge the language divide so that non-English speaking people can equally access the most of the content of the Internet which is currently dominated in English. It presents a new technology called Voice Internet that allows anyone to accessthe Internet using any phone and user’s voice, and shows how Voice Internet can really help bridge the Digital and Language Divides globally, by eliminating most of the difficulties (e.g. un-affordability, difficulty to use and learn, need for literacy, difficulty in viewing on small screen, difficulty in using small keypad, difficulty in navigation and the like) associated with the existing visual driven approaches using computers, personal devices, high end and medium end Internet enabled phones.

The book emphasizes that Voice Internet technology rides on existing infrastructure (e.g. existing telecom or wireless networks), existing websites (e.g. over 3 billion websites from the World Wide Web), existing distribution networks (e.g. telecom providers, mobile telephone providers. Internet Service Providers and Application Service Providers), and thus shows how deployment and adoptability is faster and easier.

Providing access to the Internet or information is the first step. But there are various other key steps to exploit the real benefits of the Information Age. Three such major key steps are Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

These in, turn, can help in Economic, Social, Cultural, Political and other developments, especially, of the Bottom of the Pyramid people (BOP). The book discusses in details how the BOP can really use Voice Internet and related products and services to become an enormous resource not just for themselves but also for the top of the pyramid (rich people) in the world. Examples are included for improved farming, education, health, getting jobs and creating jobs. The book emphasizes that to really help minimize the rich-poor gap (and also achieve other Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of the United Nations), a significant amount of money would need to flow from the rich to the poor. The existing methods do not seem to achieve that as already proven by the fact that the rich-poor gap has been increasing consistently for a long time.

To ensure significant money flow from rich to the poor in a natural and sustainable way, as already mentioned, the book put emphasis on creating an enormous resource from the BOP by using affordable Internet Access. Education, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and use of a good Business Model are essential to ensure sustainability with good growth. Use of such an enormous resource will cause significant of money to flow from rich to the poor in three broad ways:
– Rich will use the low cost enormous resource (e.g. through outsourcing)
– BOP will start developing various new products and services (especially suitable for the bottom 90% of people), many of which would also be attractive to the rich people
– BOP will import much less products and services form the rich.

This will also help more money to circulate within the BOP.

Thus, many from BOP would become richer and the rich-poor gap would be minimized significantly worldwide.

The funding needs of the BOP to start businesses will come from various existing funding sources including the already very successful Microfinance lenders as Voice Internet will help entrepreneurs to do new things with less competition, increased revenue and with a higher margin; thus generating more for the lenders and the borrowers, resulting in an attractive win-win relationship.

This book is good for decision makers / policy makers at the Governments, Organizations, Foundations, Corporations, Civil Societies, educators, students, entrepreneurs, innovators and also the rich individuals, especially, those who would like to help many BOP around the world.


Please Donate Your ZAKAT to Distressed Children & Infants Intl. (DCI) to Help Underprivileged Children

Dear Friends:

Assalamu Alaikum and Ramadan mubarak to you. We are now in the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, the month of self-sacrifice and fasting. As our goal in life is to make Allah pleased with our deeds, DCI wishes to share with you an opportunity as you determine how you will pay your Zakat and Fitra this year. We humbly request you to contribute your Fitra and a portion of Zakatul mal to DCI’s fund, so we can continue our urgent work on behalf of underprivileged and orphaned children in Bangladesh. Please see the attached ZAKAT Flyer.

Distressed Children and Infants International (DCI) is a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit international child rights organization, established in 2003 with the mission to help impoverished children in Bangladesh and throughout the world. We strive to help underprivileged children lift themselves out of the poverty cycle by providing them basic life necessities, education, healthcare, and family support. Another unique goal of DCI is to create connections between American youth and less fortunate children of other countries. DCI strives to inspire the children of America to become compassionate world citizens, by promoting their intellectual and leadership capacities through volunteerism. To learn more about DCI, please visit

We proudly report that with your assistance DCI was able to provide the following support as of last year:
1100 underprivileged village children able to continue their education

3520 impoverished village children receiving free healthcare

330 orphans receiving healthcare and education support

3200 disadvantaged children and 3822 adults have received free eye care

7400 Dhaka City slum residents provided with free healthcare and medicine

1500 villagers given relief and rehabilitation support following Cyclones Sidr & Aila

This is just a small sample of the achievements we have made possible through the generosity and commitment of people like you. You can learn more about the impact of DCI’s work on our website.

Please Donate Your ZAKAT and Join Us to:

SPONSOR a CHILD (Sun-Child Sponsorship Program): For only $15/month ($180/yr) you can sponsor a child in rural school. Keep a child in school, prevent child labor, provide health care, vision care, improve schools, create income opportunities for the child’s family and support community development.

SPONSOR an ORPHAN (Orphan Support Program): For only $50/month ($600/yr) · Provide housing, food, basic necessities, healthcare, vision care, education support, and skill training to Bangladeshi orphans at our Sun-Child Homes. Help provide the orphans with tutors, counselors, life skills training, and job training to help them transition from the orphanage to the outside world once they have reached their teens.

SPONSOR AN EYE SURGERY: $50 can provide an eye surgery for an individual for blindness prevention.

Any ZAKAT donation for your specific interest or general emergency fund.

Serving humanity is the greatest form of Ibadah and we should not miss this opportunity. Any contribution made will immensely help the distressed children of Bangladesh and help cleanse the world of poverty and injustice. May Allah bless you all for your contribution to this noble cause in the holy month of Ramadan. We wish you and your family a happy Ramadan and ask you to please distribute this message and Zakat flyer among your relatives and friends.

Eid Mubarak to you in advance. With kindest regards,

Ehsan Hoque, MBBS, Ph.D.
Executive Director,
Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI)

Professor A. K. Azad Khan, MBBS, FCPS, D.Phil.,
Country Director, Distressed Children & Infants Intl.-Bangladesh (DCI-Bangladesh))
President, Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (DAB)
BIRDEM (4th Floor), 122 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Shahbagh, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

Please send your ZAKAT and donation to:
DCI Zakat Fund, 5 Shipton Court, Cheshire, CT 06410

Please send a Money Order, Bank draft or Check payable to “DCI ZAKAT FUND”.

You may also donate by credit card through PayPal at our website:

All contributions to DCI are tax deductible. IRS 501(c)(3)Tax Exempt ID #8106714

If you are in Bangladesh and want to donate ZAKAT in Bangladeshi currency, Please contact our Bangladesh office at the following address:

Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI)-Bangladesh

House#167, Road#3, Mohammadi Housing Ltd., Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Tel# 01718966013, 01727264688, 01552460242, 8802-9135122



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